History 2

JJB Associates

A start-up IT company in Manchester asked me to help them on a consultancy basis to set up their systems and functions. With the Production Manager I built a database of customers and services taken, which eventually became the data centre of the whole operation.

Following this I was immediately diverted to accounts roles, taking responsibility for the Sales and Purchase ledgers, and for the payroll. Providing reliable and accurate data- recording functions, I was able to support the other departments and release valuable resources as the company grew rapidly. 

With the completion of building a full Accounts Department I was able to move into other projects, including the development of a Sales Commissions calculator and reporting tool, offering further management control tools.

Again providing ad hoc support to the Directors, and cover in the Finance department, my responsibilities included database control, payroll for 110 and introduction of a fledgling HR unit.

The company was eventually sold to a Norwegian Telecom company



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