History 1

JJB Associates

I was hired as a consultant Project Manager at a tannery in the North West. I was asked to completely revise and update the chemical recipes and costing, which had not been revised for almost ten years. This took several months and was successfully completed with an improvement in quality and a reduction in costs.

I was offered a permanent position, and I was then asked to develop a database to record all stock movement through the plant, culminating in a warehouse stock system.

We supplied top quality leather to a French fashion house, as well as specialist hides to motor accessory and furniture manufacturers. By reporting data at every stage in the business we were able to identify strengths and weaknesses and implement changes to improve efficiency. We were able to enhance our quality, while at the same time reduce our costs and increase our margins


Providing ad hoc support to the Directors, and cover in the Finance department, my responsibilities included stock-taking and stock control, payroll for 120 and purchase ledger. I was also able to undertake necessary research without the business tying up its skilled resources or diverting them from their particular field of expertise.


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